Taylor Sweeney

This place is amazing! Super cute spa, Love the vibe! Carlos is awesome, he’s super knowledgeable and personable. I definitely recommend, and will return for more services! 🤍💜🤍

Alexis Robles

Best eyelash extensions in the area. I trust her 💯. Definitely recommend!


I’ve been getting lashes done for over a year and this is by far the best set I’ve ever had. Will be sad to leave playa and these lashes! Great retention as well even in this humid climate

Andrea Cruz

I was fascinated with my new eyelashes! 100% quality work. I highly recommend it!

Laurie England

Fabulous repair/replace lashes! Will return for regular fill appointments!

Amanda Smith

The quality service that I received at Lashes & Beauty Studio is truly remarkable. I was blown away by the professional and attentive staff! Can't wait for my next visit.

Melissa Lenhart

I’ve been seeing Irishka for a couple months now. She is hands down the best I have seen anywhere. She is professional, knowledgeable, and her sets look flawless. I made the mistake of seeing someone else one and went running back to her.

Laurasita Gutie

I arrived desperate for a previous job from another super ugly place, and irishka saved me! It took away the horrible work I was doing and gave me wonderfully beautiful eyelashes! Just what I was looking for 🤩 He was very friendly all the time Really highly recommended It will definitely be my place to return to all the time! Quality work! Everything was super clean and very pretty. I was amazed ☺️🙏and super grateful

Michael Davis

I surprised my wife with a gift card to Lashes & Beauty Studio and she couldn't be happier! The staff did a fantastic job and their level of expertise is clearly evident. Highly recommended.

Florence Cannes

Very professional, I, who am a real eyelash psychee, found absolute quality. Very professional, meticulous and attentive to our wishes. 100%

Saffron Wiehl

Great natural lashes done. Super happy with results. 🌟✨

Jessica Smith

I absolutely love Lashes & Beauty Studio. Their personalized service and attention to detail is unparalleled. My lashes always look flawless and natural, and I get compliments on them all the time. I don't trust anyone else with my lashes. Highly recommended!

Jonathan Peterson

In my profession, I work with models and actors and I always recommend Lashes & Beauty Studio for all their beauty needs. Their experts understand what it means to be behind a camera and they make sure to bring out the best in every face. I've seen transformations that have made my work a lot easier and that's why I'm always grateful for this place.

David Thompson

I bought for my wife a beauty treatment from Lashes & Beauty Studio as a gift and she couldn't be happier. They took such great care of her, and she looked absolutely stunning afterwards. This place truly knows how to deliver an amazing customer experience. We will certainly be repeat customers.

David Thompson

As a photographer, I have worked with many makeup artists and studios, but Lashes & Beauty Studio stands out. Their work is impeccable, and they have a knack for bringing out the best in every face they work on. The lash extensions they offer are the best I've seen. Their professionalism and quality are second to none.

Jodi Y

Irina gave me exactly what I wanted. I am very satisfied with the result and would happily return.

Emily Thompson

I've been to many beauty studios but 'Lashes & Beauty studio' stands out from the rest! From the moment you step in, you're treated with such a warm welcome and their beauty offerings are second to none. My lashes look fabulous and I've been receiving countless compliments.

Karina Clayton

Im glad to meet that person, she was very helpful, nice and full proffessional. Lashes look amazing and it was very fast to get appointment. Totaly recommend!

Jessica Hamilton

I've been getting my lashes done at Lashes & Beauty Studio for several months now. The staff always provides top-notch customer service and my lashes always come out looking stunning. The friendly and professional environment is always a delight to visit and I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone I know.

Jason Scott

As someone who is always behind the camera, I never thought I'd be impressed by beauty services. However, 'Lashes & Beauty studio' completely changed my stance. I have started recommending them to all my models. Their precise work and outstanding customer service deserves all the acknowledgements!

Kamakani Mccue

The best of the best !!! She is so patient and very delicate with your lashes ! For me is the best option in Playa del Carmen !!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Joanna T

I can't praise Lashes & Beauty studio enough! I recently had Botox done and the results are amazing. Carlos is always professional and he made sure I felt comfortable throughout the process. Thank you for making me look and feel rejuvenated.

Amanda Pearson

As a marketing expert, I can tell that the presentation is everything. But presentation has a lot to deal with how you personally present. That's where Lashes & Beauty Studio has made a difference in my life. Ever since I discovered their services, I've not only felt better about myself, but I feel more confident in my professional life. They don't just offer services, they offer transformation!

Love Holiday

great service! lashes are so beautiful. not even one came off in 6 days

Karla Ellis-Devis

Very nice and professional office. I got a full classic set and they are beautiful and feel great.

Florence Baghdi

She was amazing, good service and honestly the work she does I was shock she is so good! Definitely recommend

Jörg Cordey

very good waxing here in playa del carmen

Roberta Ricci Bitti

I'm very professional friendly I liked a lot. My eyelashes are beautiful

Julia Marmumd

Excellent work! My lashes are strong and beautiful and it lasts a long time even with a hot weather. I’m super happy with Irina’s job. Thank youu!!

Mike Johnson

Visited Lashes & Beauty studio for the first time for my Botox treatment. Professional team, clean environment and felt absolutely no discomfort. Fully satisfied with the results. Even my crow's feet have disappeared! I'll definitely be back.

Lynne Bélair

I'm Canadian, and my eyelash technician is very good. But I had an exceptional experience!! Irishka is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend it ♥️♥️ Thank you Irishka 🥰

Ilona Kolos

Im glad to meet that person, she was very helpful, nice and full proffessional. Lashes look amazing and it was very fast to get appointment. Totaly recommend!

Jayme Knyx

Hands down the best in Playa Del Carmen!! My girlfriend loves this place and its her favorite place to go in North America!!

Romina Vega

Amazing place!! Irishka is a profesional and delicate person!!! I love it my lashes!!! Thank you!!

Sonnie Dean

Amazing service and energy. Carlos did a great job waxing, highly recommend.

Ashley Naomi

Great experience, love my lashes! Can’t wait to go back :)

Lone Rucksack

Great experience with Irishka- she’s clearly an incredible businesswoman and did an amazing job. Will definitely be back.


I’m very happy with my lashes thank you Irishka Torres you are very kind and professional 100% recommend 🙌🏻👍top

Janelyn Loresco

Love my new lashes. They feel so light Would definitely recommend Irishka


Irina provides very good service! She definitely cares about her clients and she wants to make sure you like her work.

Christensen Huberdeau

My lashes are so beautiful and don’t fall easily. Irishka is completely perfect 💗 and soft during the procedure.

Cassandra Wakin

My lashes look amazing! Excellent work and so much attention to detail. Definitely going back

Joy Wallace

Beautiful lashes, I’ve been getting lashes done for over a year and these are possibly the best set I’ve ever had. Great retention as well even in this humid climate.

Ellen Anna Juul Green

I’ve had eyelash extensions for 3 years and this place is by far the best set I’ve ever had! Thank you so much to the lovely Irishka<3 10/10 recommend !!

Olga Shmakova

One of the best places to make lashes in PDC. It took time for me to choose which to do as the choice is big, and at the end I'm happy with my lashes!

Melanie Ingram

Irishka was very kind and Professional , the set up there is very relaxing and i love my new lashes! Thank you!

Fanny Ingemann

I was on a 3 week visit to Mexico and was in need of a new set of lashes. I have been using lashes, for the last 4 years, and Irishka was one of the best lash artists I have had 💖

Lucy Blashford

Irishka does the best lashes I’ve ever had 😍 so professional, so detailed, absolutely amazing- can’t recomend her enough!

Natalia Zagrebelnaya

Hello everyone!) Today I made eyelashes at Irina's and I can't help but be delighted!) Very cozy studio, great atmosphere !!!🔥 Irina has chosen for me both color and volume and bend, and it turned out perfect!❤️👍 In a word, a professional, I definitely recommend😊