Carlos Torres
Certified Aesthetician

Hello!  My name is Carlos Torres!

I am a cosmetologist and my goal is to extend your youth and beauty for as long as possible.

With the development of cosmetology technologies, radical surgical techniques are gradually fading into the background.  The rhythm of modern life make lifting and cosmetic procedures with a short rehabilitation period and a minimum of possible consequences the right choice.

In my work, I use only proven modern technologies and techniques that allow you to achieve the desired anti-aging result in a safe and long lasting way.

The most effective methods I use are:

- Lifting with thread implants (PDO threads).

- Botulinum therapy (botox).

- Hyaluronic acid fillers.

These techniques will allow you to noticeably correct age-related changes: rejuvenate your skin, remove wrinkles and unwanted sagging, restore a clear outline of the buttocks, abdomen, arms, legs and much more.

During the procedures, we use high-quality certified preparations, the combinations of which allow us to maintain the achieved result for as long as possible.

If you want to become more perfect, look younger or stay young for a longer time, improve your skin, bring back it's shine, come to me and I will return your attractiveness and self-confidence to you.