Marina Sorokina
Permanent makeup and lash artist

Hello! My name is Marina!

I am a permanent makeup artist with over 5 years of experience.

I started my work in Moscow, now I decided to live in Mexico.

I completed my last advanced training in 2022 in Moscow, with one of the best masters in Russia.

In my work, I use only proven tattoo technique, modern equipment and natural ingredients.

And so what is permanent makeup: permanent makeup is a makeup-tattoo: during a special cosmetic procedure, I “lay” a pigment of natural origin into the upper layers of the skin (up to 0.5 mm) - as a result, a kind of indelible make-up is formed on the face.  What distinguishes permanent makeup from a classic tattoo is that it is temporary and lasts from a year to several years.

The main advantage of permanent makeup is:

- Practicality: thanks to permanent makeup, you can refuse many types of cosmetics and no longer waste time on drawing arrows, tinting lips.

- Persistence: allows you to maintain the expressiveness of the look and sexuality of the lips even after water procedures on the beaches.  In addition, it does not stain clothes.

- The result after a visit to a cosmetologist lasts 2-3 years, and if necessary, it can be adjusted.

- Permanent makeup looks natural and enhances natural beauty: the eyebrows appear thicker, the lips appear more luscious, the eye contour is more defined, and you are irresistible.

Remember any cosmetic procedures directly affect your appearance, so they must be trusted by professionals with the necessary skills and experience.